Venture North Campus Revitalization Project

A multifaceted modern recreation and entertainment destination, designed specifically to accommodate the needs of the IDD community. Help us achieve this dream for our most special population!

The Venture North Campus Recreation Complex has been re-envisioned

The Venture North Campus Recreation Complex has been revisualized, and a restoration project was kick-started in the last quarter of 2021. By the start of July 2022, the bulk of the first phase have been completed and some minor touches will be applied by the end of Fall.

The newly renovated North Campus ground features a planned multifaceted modern recreation and entertainment destination, anchored by our gorgeous new state-of-the-art in-ground pool designed specifically to accommodate the needs of the IDD community. The grounds also feature multiple other planned features that, upon completion, will offer our local community an all-in-one facility. 

Why The North Campus Restoration?

People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) need a place to have fun and recreate without stigma.  Despite targeting this particular population, this project has been thoughtfully designed to accommodate different kinds of people with varying needs across our entire IDD community and the public. 
The North Campus serves as an interactive center and recreational facility for families or loved ones of all abilities to enjoy the property. Our work on the North Campus restoration is ongoing, meaning a lot still needs to be done. To complete our vision for this wonderful resource for our entire community, we need financial support from our community.
You can donate to help support the North Campus restoration project. All donations towards the restoration project are significantly appreciated and will support the completion of the North Campus restoration.
Besides donating, other ways to take part is to attend events while also volunteering to help a hand.

State-of-the-Art Amenitites for the IDD Community

Below is a guide detailing some features and amenities characterizing the North Campus restoration project.

Fully Accessible In-ground Pool and Adaptive Splash Pad

The new state-of-the-art pool at the North Campus was built with the specific needs of the IDD community in mind, with an exit/entrance ramp for quick and easy accessibility by everyone. Furthermore, the pool complex features an adaptive splash pad that is geared to a wide array of young and older individuals looking to cool off without fully submerging into the pool. There is also a fully covered space with seating for viewing activities on the basketball court as well as a shaded spot for lunch.

Inclusive & Safe Playground

The North Campus also features an inclusive and safe playground conforming to ADA standards for individuals to assemble and have fun. Each person matters regardless of the differentiating factors. The inclusive and safe playground is an open and safe space cautiously designed to promote play among people of different communities, ages, and disabilities. Furthermore, the inclusive and safe playground recognizes everyone’s right to participate and contribute to meaningful play.
The inclusive and safe playground on the North Campus is scheduled to have:
●An accessible path from the play area’s edge to the play equipment.
●An accessible path from the building or parking lot to the play area’s edge.
●Surfacing complying with ASTM 1951 (Determination of Accessibility of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment)/

Bankshot Adaptive Basketball

Next to the pool complex is a new basketball court featuring fencing and safety nets, covered areas for spectator sitting, and benches for players. The campus’s playground offers outdoor entertainment space, including Bankshot adaptive basketball, for independent skill training or structured competitions. 
Bankshot allows differently-abled people to play as well. The court is accessible to players of all ages and disabilities. The new basketball court, the first of its caliber in the local area, was designed four decades ago and it allows athletes to play together–with or without disabilities or wheelchairs.

Lawn Games

The restoration also includes a dedicated space for lawn games. The outdoor games areas will provide magnificent space for quiet, independent play. Different lawn games can be played in this area, including Cornhole, Connect 4, Outdoor Musical Instruments, and more that help in developing motor skills and fostering teamwork.

Coming Soon

9 Hole Mini Golf Course

Plans for future enhancements include the addition of a futuristic 9-hole mini golf course. Professionally designed to accommodate both beginners and experienced players. This will be a fantastic team-building activity for friends, family, or colleagues because it allows people to team up and play in a controlled environment.

Coming Soon

Wiffle Ball Field

To finish the recreation complex plan, a wiffle ball field will be established on the lower level, adjacent to the large pavilion. The field will provide the community with ample opportunity to host purely-fun or more competitive games for everyone visiting the North Campus.

Coming Soon

Adaptive Fitness Trail

Phase 2 of the planned restoration project will be an adaptive fitness trail, serving as a final touch on the campus. The serene walking trail serves up a unique and great therapeutic experience while touring the park. 

Outdoor Pavilion for Events

The newly renovated North Campus also features a large outdoor pavilion dedicated to events.
The property is available for rental for family gatherings and reunions, country weddings, school outings, corporate outings, etc. You can also include the use of the pool, playground, and general grounds in flexible party packages consisting of extensive food buffet choices such as desserts and appetizers. Fill in this form to pursue your interest in our multi-faceted outdoor recreation complex rental program. 
 It has been constructed to be able to hold a large capacity audience of up to 200 people in a beautiful, serene outdoor environment, perfect for weddings, parties, or corporate events.

Help us Leave a Lasting Legacy

Are you looking to be a part of this exciting project? Donate to the North Campus restoration project to help speed up the project completion as soon as reasonably possible. 
As a prospective visitor or donor, you can create your legacy by selecting one of the multiple naming options or sponsor levels to support the North Campus restoration process. 

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